The activities of technical and engineering department of YonarDamir company in the branch of Roller includes:


1-Production planning

2- Determining of class and acceptable loading amount of produced Idler for final test of Idler according to the standard of (CEMA -502-2004).

3-Related researches with roller for increasing strength and durability of them (R&D)

4-Designing Material handling systems such as belt conveyer , Elevator, chain Conveyor , Screw conveyor , and etc. for different projects , according to the standard of Material Handling systems CEMA( Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association).

5- Designing of roller for the usage of different projects with different conditions on the base of CEMA 7th standard.


Researches which are done in the sector of R&D in the technical and engineering department of Yonar Damir company.

• The analysis of damaged Idler and evaluating the reasons of those damages and presenting different solution for preventing earlier damages.

• Evaluating of damaged Idler which are used in factories, for finding the reasons of those damages and redesigning of Idler for present usages and giving report to the customer. (This part is possible if the customer needs).

• Studying different internal parts of rolling and making sample of them by 3D printer for studying tests for the strategy of strengthen of produced Idler in the Yonardamir company.

• Doing complete researches on factories and mines damaged Idler and finding the reasons of early damages of Idler.

• Analysis and evaluating of damaged Idler by the use of Finite element software ABAQUS, and analysis of strength of damaged Idler.

• In this research the most important issue is: selected roller is according to the standard of CEMA, and it is recommended on the base of acceptable maximum load in this standard, in both normal or abnormal condition, how should work with them, and the fatigue life of roller has been evaluated too, also it is considered that how the existence of damage can reduce the life of the Idler.

Designing of the rolling

In the sector of technical and engineering department of YonarDamir Company, all the used equipment, which are used in the system of material transport, are designed and used according to the standard of CEMA.

Roller as an important part of conveyor belt needs exact design, considering all the effective parameters in designing and selection, which are mentioned in below.

• Imposed forces in roller in the system of conveyor belt is as below:

• Imposed force from the side of weight, materials and belt.

• Imposed force because of the idler support misalignment

• Imposed force because of the falling of materials from heights on the belt of conveyor in the material inlet.

• Imposed force on roller in the convex zone of Belt conveyor.

• Imposed force on the last row of idler because of changes in the shape of conveyors belt.

• Extra imposed force because of the conveyor belt sag between two rows of idler.


Tube cutting

Head boring


Axis milling

Axis flat milling

Final assembly

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